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HoodChampion creates the perfect opportunity for you to be a part of your neighbourhood.

Whether it's finding a plumber for that urgent pipe leak, forming teams to compete in the inter-hood mahjong competition or sharing your latest bargain buys, there are so many ways neighbours can help each other and create more gracious and happening hoods across Singapore. Let’s make that happen!

- Highlights -

Winners of the Photography-on-the-spot Competition

Inter-Hood Arm-Wrestling Competition

Let’s Raya like it's 1892!

Claim your hood

Claim Your Hood

Join an interest group in your hood and challenge other hoods in the National Inter-hoods hosted by Hood Champions. Win prizes, digital medals and points!

You can join up to two hoods - where you live and where you work.

Hood Discoveries

Hood Discoveries

This is where the chatter happens! Share your latest food hunts or offer deals and services to your neighbours.

Hood App

Hood App

Download the HoodChampions App and stay connected on the go.

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